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Dr. Victor Wagner & Dr. Anu Bhalla
Patient Information
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We customize appointments for your individual needs. Every situation is unique and planned for it's particular needs. We realize that your time is valuable and we normally run on time.

Consultation Appointments

Often a consultation appointment is arranged prior to any treatment. During this appointment we review all aspects of your situation in detail. After an accurate diagnosis is made, the options for treatment, and the details of those options are reviewed in detail. Radiographs (films) are sometimes required at this time. Sometimes treatment is not advisable and extraction is recommended. No treatment is begun without your approval, which is called "Informed Consent". We reserve the right to refuse treatment in any case if we deem necessary, this is rare.

Emergency Appointments

Another type of appointment is an Emergency Treatment visit, where the objective is to relieve acute discomfort. We still cover the issues of a consultation visit, but this is usually followed with some treatment to relieve pain. This is not normally a long treatment, it usually involves starting the root canal treatment and then placing a temporary filling in the tooth. We would then make another appointment, when everything has settled down, and complete the treatment at that time.


In some situations a Consultation and Treatment appointment is arranged where we try to do the consultation and treatment all in the same visit. This is helpful for people coming from a long distance, and for situations where it is absolutely certain that a particular treatment is needed and that there are no complications to review before hand.

We can best arrange appointments if we know as much as possible about your situation in advance. All appointments are personally arranged with Sandy over the phone. Please see "Contact Us" and "Directions". Please feel free to call if you have any questions. 48 hours notice is required for any cancellations.