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Cracked Teeth - Case 1

Cracked teeth are very common. Cracked tooth syndrome, refers to a vital tooth with a crack line into the dentin causing hypersensitivity to biting and/or temperature, usually both. It is usually futile to attempt to eliminate the fracture by removing it as it normally runs too deep and will require the removal of too much tooth structure. Placing a crown or other cuspal coverage will usually solve the problem if the pulp is still within normal limits. Through the microscope we can readily see how extensive the cracks are. They normally run vertically down the middle of one or both proximal walls. The deeper they go, the more likely the pulp will become necrotic. With cracks through the furcation and down the roots, the prognosis poor. Here is an unusual "L" shaped crack line running down the mesial wall then going sideways at the level of the furcation, towards the palatal.