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Anatomy - Case 1

We are looking at the first maxillary premolar. These are often taken for granted as being pretty straightforward. There are 2 roots about 70% of the time. Regardless of how many roots there are, 2 canals are present about 85% of the time. A clue to watch out for is when the outline of root(s) are difficult to follow. This was the case with this tooth on film. It shows much more clearly digitally projected here.
2 canals have been treated and a small offshoot of gutta-percha can be seen going to the distal in the coronal part of the canals. An outline of a third distal root can also be seen. Again, this is a lot clearer projected here than appears on the film. Through the microscope, the offshoot was able to be located and treated.
The final film shows the 3 filled canals. The incidence of 3 canals in first maxillary premolar has been reported to be 1.2 to 6 %. In the second maxillary premolar, it has been reported at about 2 %. By the way, most second maxillary premolars have one root, but 50% have 2 canals.