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Lateral Canals - Case 1

This is a retreatment case of an upper canine with a slight radiolucency apically, but a significant one on the lateral side of the root. These lesions are always signs that there may be a significant lateral canal in the area, whose leakage is causing the bone loss in the area. Logically there should be a cause for the appearance of these lesions and since the leakage will diffuse equally in all directions, the source is often at the centre of the lesion.
We never know for sure until the case is filled and hopefully the lateral canal will become evident with the filling material. Sometimes the unfilled lateral canal is the sole cause for a RCT failure, as there is no apical pathology, only a lateral lesion. These lateral canals occur more often near the apex, but can be seen at all levels of the root as shown in the following cases.