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Curved Roots - Case 1

This is a severely curved distal root with 2 canals. One of the canals has multiple bends in it near the apex like a wave. I was not at all confident that it could be treated, but we gave it our best effort. Luckily, after a great deal of time, it was possible to negotiate to the apices. We have to be careful that the canals are not enlarged too much as this will cause a "strip" perforation (along the side wall) of the canal.
Obturation was possible by using bent pluggers as deeply as possible. As with any canal, the hard work is always in the shaping. This was one of my last cases as a graduate student (1992) and I'll always remember it. I decided to use it as a logo seen on my Web pages. Niti rotary instruments were not available then, and I would not be confident enough to use one even today in this type of case. I was very lucky!