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That’s a question that Dr. Vic Wagner hears a lot. As an endodontist for over 20 years, Dr. Wagner’s practice focuses solely on root canal treatments, and he’s still surprised how few people are aware that endodontics, as a certified specialty, exists.

Expressions such as "about as much fun as a root canal" may cast root canal treatment in a negative light, but Dr. Wagner says, "A root canal treatment is not usually a source of pain. In fact it may be the only way to relieve the pain of an inflamed or abscessed tooth, other than extraction." The treatment is usually so comfortable, he adds, that many patients fall asleep. "For busy people, it may be the most relaxing part of their day."

Not everyone who needs a root canal will end up in an endodontist’s chair. General dentists very often do uncomplicated root canal treatments, but will refer patients when cases are beyond their comfort level or require specialized endodontic equipment. Sometimes a dentist will start a root canal treatment discover unforeseen complications, and realize that the procedure is beyond his or her scope of practice.

As acute dental pain can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, endodontists may also be called upon for a second opinion to help confirm the exact issue. They also specialize in re-treatment cases (when a root canal has to be redone) or when root tip surgery is required.

Dr. Wagner encourages patients to have a conversation with their dentist about what their best options are when they are considering root canal treatments. "As we are generally living longer, our teeth have to endure greater stress, which may cause the pulp tissue inside the tooth to degenerate from wear and tear. After root canal treatment, the tooth will often last for many years if properly maintained."

Dr. Wagner sees patients from across London and some travel upwards of two hours. He is located in the Old East Village Dental Specialists building at 849 Dundas Street, which he shares with prosthodontist Dr. Jason Bortolussi.

"The opportunity arose to renovate this building to accommodate two separate dental specialties and to play a small role in the revitalization of the Village," says Dr. Wagner of his decision to relocate to OEV four years ago. "It has worked out very well. The area is making great strides."


849 Dundas Street, London, Ontario - telephone 519.438.0660

This article appeared in Business London magazine, April, 2013.