London Endodontics
Dr. Victor Wagner & Dr. Anu Bhalla
Patient Information
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Patient Information

Our goal is to provide world class Endodontic treatments as comfortably and efficiently as possible. Most patients are referred to us by their Family Dentist. We customize the treatment and appointments to each individual's particular needs. This is best accomplished if we have as much information as possible before hand.

As a certified specialist, we only provide Endodontic treatment which usually needs to be followed by more treatment by your Dentist to completely finish the tooth with a permanent final restoration (filling or crown). Sometimes your Dentist is just looking for a second opinion in which case no treatment is needed and we would just arrange a consultation visit. Usually we provide treatment for more complex cases that your own Dentist does not wish to treat. We often require a microscope to do this type of work as it is often very fine, detailed and time consuming. Otherwise, the overall experience is similar to having a filling done by your Dentist, it just takes longer.

All appointments are personally arranged over the phone. Please feel free to call with any questions, and see the sections on "Appointments", "Contact Us", and "Directions". There is also lots of reliable information for perusal under the "FAQ" section. Our goal is to answer all your questions and concerns in advance of any treatment.

Aerial View Of Our Office

Metered parking is available on Dundas Street in front of our office. Free parking is available in our parking lot directly behind the building. This must be accessed via the alleyway between Rectory St. and Ontario St.