London Endodontics
Dr. Victor Wagner & Dr. Anu Bhalla
Frequently Asked Questions
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Appointment Preparation FAQ's

Q Do I need to arrive early for my appointment?
A Generally, our schedule runs very much on time with few exceptions. If we are ahead of schedule and can see you earlier we will, but typically the appointment time you are given is the time we expect you to arrive.
Q Should I take my regular medication before my appointment?
A Generally, yes however there are times when we advise you not to. It is important to let us know all medications you are taking so that we may advise you accordingly.
Q Should I be on antibiotics before my appointment?
A Not routinely. There are times when it is important for you to start antibiotics before certain procedures and we will advise you if this is the case for you.
Q Will I be able to go back to work?
A Yes. Your root canal appointment is similar to having a filling done, it just takes longer.
Q Will I need a driver?
A Not usually. If you have any special concerns, please let us know.
Q How long will I be?
A Consultations can run 30 to 45mins +/-. Treatment appointments vary from 1-2 hours +/-. We'll let you know the expected length of your appointment when it is booked.
Q Should I avoid eating before my appointment?
A No. You should eat normally before your root canal therapy however, we suggest you don't eat right before your appointment.