London Endodontics
Dr. Victor Wagner & Dr. Anu Bhalla
Frequently Asked Questions
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About Your Procedure FAQ's

Q I just had x-ray films taken, why do you need to take more?
A Films are a helpful diagnostic tool however, they do not always show us the whole picture. Sometimes, at a consultation appointment, it is necessary to get a different angle or view of the tooth in question. Several films are required during treatment.
Q Will it hurt?
A We strive to make treatment as comfortable as possible for you. Normally, the procedure is similar to having a filling done, but takes longer.
Q Can you knock me out for my appointment?
A No. We don't offer any deep sedation or general anesthetic. We'll be glad to discuss your concerns ahead of time, as, in some cases, we can consider an oral sedative.
Q If I book a consultation and you find that I need a root canal, can you do it right then and there?
A No. Root Canal Therapy requires a pre-determined appointment time. This is part of what is decided at your consultation appointment and is booked separately.