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Why should I see a specialist?

It makes intuitive sense that someone who only does one thing all the time would be better at it compared to those who donít. But is there any evidence for this? Actually there is:

A study was published in the Journal of Endodontics, in May 2016, by researchers at Marquette University. The title is "Outcome of Primary Endodontic Therapy Provided by Endodontic Specialists Compared to Other Providers". It followed 487,476 root canal treatments, in the insurance data base of Delta Dental of Wisconsin from Jan. 1, 2000 to Dec. 31, 2013. They found that there was not much difference when looking at the front teeth, anteriors and premolars. But when molars were considered, those done by non-endodontists had a 39.4% worse survival rate after 10 years. This is almost 40% worse.

So when we are asked about who should do a root canal treatment, we now have some evidence for the answer. If itís a molar tooth or complicated anterior tooth, I suggest that the odds of success are better if an endodontist does it. What is consireded a complicated case? Most of the time, his is a tooth that has a calcified space, unusual anatomy, or an already failing root canal treatment, that has to have further treatment.

Of course this is a general guideline and every case needs to be considered individually. Ultimately the patient has the final decision on who will do any treatment for them. Our goal is simply to educate and inform with reliable, evidence based information.